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wheat procurement

wheat is rotting in the open fields or in the godowns while government is siezed of the question as to how to deal with the surplus.

let me take you back in time when wheat was as scarce in india as honest politicians are now. the government wanted us - the hapless officers - to procure wheat and that too at prices which farmers considered ridiculous. but even so we dreamed of happy ending. a dream is described here.

Wheat Procurement – a fantasy

(In 1964, the Government ordered that the wheat should be procured from the farmers. The price offered was low. The difficulties met are mentioned here but you have to spot (sic) them.)

I slept and dreamt that I went for procurement of wheat

Whole process was so fast and clean and neat

All the netas behaved so well

I did not have to shout and yell

Rousing welcome I received wherever I went

Sacrifice was the watchword whenever wheat they sent

Nobody questioned the rate given or the treatment

Nobody talked about his expenses or his requirement

Sarpanch and cultivators, I did not have to invite

Cause they were already there when I arrived

Hearing the sound of jeep, they ran to the market place

All the panchas and kisans were real pictures of grace

Some gave two bags and some gave four

And all were asking if they could give more

Naib tahsildars did not have to use words strong

No one, not even Bhunas, gave them a chance

Collector did not have to give up his rest or his game

Wheat came pouring in whatever figure he did name

Happy were all officers, big or small

And Gautam Sharma was the happiest of them all.

(Bhunas is a village in Harda tahsil. It was the most difficult nut to crack.

Gautam Sharma was the food minister) ¼gjnk & 1965½


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