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About Me


An IAS officer of 1963 batch, allotted to MP Cadre. Retired in 1998 after reaching the level of Chief Secretary. Got a chance to serve the country again from 2003 to 2006 as the National Commissioner, Linguistic Minorities after which I continued to contribute to the furtherance of Indian languages.

My interests range from philosophy (and In India, it is almost inseparable from religion) to politics (which is as far away from religion, as can be). My first reaction to anything is to react. Whether I read a news item in the newspaper or a book or observe something on the street, there is an urge to react and to write about the reaction and such reaction may take any form - a critical note or a summary (of the book) or a poem. My interests include languages; poetry; education especially adult education.

So be prepared to receive a mixed diet which may not always be digestible. After all everyone has got a bee in his bonnet and I am no exception.

Happy reading…

kewal sethi

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