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There were some who would put the computers on the pedestal 

and place before it the daily flowers

And some were those who would not touch it 

taking it to be one one of the new modern horrors

Then came along Srinivasan of 1955 vintage 

and bit by bit demystified the new toy

And, surprisingly, the experts also joined the refrain' 

do not be afraid, my boy'

Instead of getting into the jargon 

which would frighten the new hopeful learner

NIC tried the new 'hands on' trick 

which was, to say the least, no misnomer

Wordstar, D Base III plus and Lotus, 

all with that user facility text, were explained

Bereft of all mystery, 

it became just another tool to enable us to manipulate

There was no science fiction 

and no one tried to create tall hopes nor any fright

All they wanted to impress on us was 

the lesson that computers don't bite

Our thanks are due to NIC, S. K. Jain

 and all his colleagues

With their help, away from our daily routines, 

we could spend a profitable week.

(Jan 21, 1989 after a 5 days IAS refresher course at NIC Delhi - you could guess it right. Thanks are a routine. So some change in the normal pattern.)

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