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self praise

self praise

In the realm of noble service and dedication,

Lies the tale of Kewal Krishan Sethi, IAS, retired,

A beacon of integrity, with a vision unswayed,

His achievements in public service, an accolade.

With wisdom and grace, he adorned the civil seat,

A trailblazer, leading with unwavering feat,

In the corridors of power, he left an indelible mark,

Navigating challenges with a resolute embark.

A champion of justice, he fought for the weak,

Advocating for rights, as their voice did speak,

Empathy his ally, compassion his guide,

He uplifted lives, as a servant with pride.

With deft administration, he transformed the land,

Efficiency his virtue, progress close at hand,

Initiatives launched, empowering the masses,

Creating avenues for dreams to amass.

Education, his passion, he nurtured young minds,

Igniting flames of knowledge, breaking all binds,

Schools flourished, like blooming gardens of hope,

Bright futures bloomed, giving rise to scope.

Environment's guardian, he embraced sustainability,

Preserving nature's gifts, with utmost responsibility,

Afforestation endeavored, rivers protected,

Harmony restored, nature's balance resurrected.

In governance, he left no stone unturned,

Fostering transparency, ensuring trust earned,

Empowering governance, with technology's grace,

Streamlining processes, efficiency to embrace.

With unyielding determination, he bridged divides,

Uniting communities, as harmony thrived,

Fostering peace and brotherhood's reign,

Binding diverse hearts, erasing every stain.

As he bid adieu to the corridors of power,

Leaving behind an epoch, like a fragrant flower,

Kewal Krishan Sethi, IAS, retired, stands tall,

An embodiment of service, inspiring one and all.

His achievements stand as a testament grand,

A life dedicated to the welfare of the land,

May his legacy continue to shine bright,

Guiding future leaders, with his virtuous light.



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