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declaration of assets on website

declaration of assets on website

ccn-ibn has published a news item under the heading 'top bureaucrats declare assets'. here is my reaction.

it is unfortunate that such items are being published without any reference to previous practice. the bureaucrats are obliged to submit, annually, details of their immovable property, at least since 1963 when i joined service. For every transaction of movable or immovable policy, the permission of government has to be obtained. i remember that in 1965, there was a notice to submit the names and addresses of all close relations including first cousins. in those days of large families, i submitted a list of 38 brothers and cousins. i did not have address of many who were living in uk or africa, there being no contact for years. in fact some, known to be residing in india, were not in touch for decades. and in at least two cases, i did not even know their names (only the pet names were known). these submissions of property details has continued and is continuing. as such declaring assets now is merely to fool the public when nothing has changed.

similarly it was news that some days back, the prime minister and some four or five ministers have declared their assets. what is the big deal about it? according to the law, every candidate fighting elections - mp, mla, mlc - has to declare not only his assets but also that has of his/her spouse. this declaration has not prevented them from minting millions. putting it on web site hardly makes any difference. it is, i repeat, only trying to hoodwink the public and distract attention from the ongoing agitation about a strong law to deter corruption.

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