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how did ambedekar become member of constituent assembly

how did ambedekar become member of constituent assembly

according to the cabinet mission plan, the members of the constituent assembly were to be lelced by the provincial legilatures. the seats were divided into religion wise – muslims, sikhs, and general category (note not hindu, general category) which included scheduled castes. the number of seats were decided by population and voting was by the same category.

ambedekar tired to get elected from bombay province and failed.

jogendar nath mandal (later law minister of pakistan) was elected from bengal. he belonged to scheduled caste.

mandal lobbied for ambedekar and ultimately sacrificed his seat for ambedekar. ambedekar became member of constitutent assembly.

next partition was announced. the members from provinces which went to pakistan lost membership of indian constituent assembly. as bengal was divided, mandal's seat (and hence ambedekar seat) went to pakistan. ambedekar ceased to be member of constituent assembly.

rajendra prasad requested b g kher, prime minister of bombay province (they all used to be primemmnisters – suhrawadhi was prime minister of bengal when the great killing of kolkata in march 1947 took place). to accomodate ambedekar. b g kher obliged and ambedekar was once again member of consituent assemly.

(reference -- the colonial constitution -- arghya sengupta --jugernaut 2023 -- page 182-183)


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