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What is wrong with Indian politics?

What is wrong with Indian politics?

It is a bad question. Question should be what is right with Indian politics.

But that is also not a good question. Why, because you will be stymied for an answer questioning yourself what is right about Indian politics.

So we come in circle to the original question.


Have you considered why this is so. This is, in my view, because the opposition is divided. The opposition has got a mandate to oppose, said the luminary. Of course, he is illiterate so far as administration or economics or security is concerned, so it can be excused. But then someone should be able to say what should be opposed. At least on this there should be some consensus.

There is a tragedy in Tamil Nadu. 51 lives lost. The cause is known. Neither the ruling nor the non- ruling parties can consider this loss of life to be right. It is wrong for everyone. So why should this be a cause for opposition. The blame lies elsewhere, and the reasons are there for all to see. The administration is loose, and it needs tightening up. But is anyone interested?  No. Because one party feels they have mandate to be rulers, other party believes that they have got mandate to oppose. Positive thinking is ruled out on either side. Think negative about each and every action and, then. Do nothing. It is true for both sides.


The reaction is "there will be severe punishment" and "feels guilty will be brought to book". But do you have right to inflict severe punishment? No. You have passed on that function to some other wing which is not bothered about loss of life. And which is least bit concerned about preventing future tragedies.


But if speedy punishment is not the way to pursue, there is an escape route. Declare ex gratia payment to families of victims. It will not replace the grief for the loss of dear ones (or may be hated ones) but it is certain to collect some headlines in the newspapers, some breaking news on the television channels. The authorities have established their concern by these acts. Sometimes I admire Nitish Kumar, cm Bihar when he boldly said there will be no compensation for the criminals who broke the law to have contraband stuff. That is the way to act. But that is not the way to win votes.

To come back to the question – what is wrong with politics in India.


Two days back we had an election in United Kingdom. Labour party won. One prime minister resigned; another took over in a matter of hours. He appointed ministers and announced their portfolios also. Most of the portfolios were such for which they were shadow ministers. Even while in opposition, they were specially looking after a department. They would be well versed in its working. Contrast this with our situation. Everybody is for every idea and every department. No specialization, no knowledge of department which may be allotted to one. In fact, no one is serious about working of government. There are other far more attractive things to work for and, of course, make speeches about.


To summarize this roving discussion, what is wrong with our politics is that we are not serious about it. We think, politics means catching votes to get into power and then try to stick to power even at the cost of our morals, our convictions, and our ethics. The welfare of the nation, the prestige of our country is by- product of our efforts to remain in power.



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