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contribution of ambedekar to constitution

his most telling contribution in this committee-driven phase of drafting of the constitution of india was the presentation of the draft of proposed fundamental rights titled 'constitution of the united sates of india'. drafted by ambedkar on behalf of the all india scheduled castes federation, this was presented to the sub-committee on fundamental rights, of which he was a member.

given this is the only known set of provisions that he, himself, drafted, it is as close as one can get to an unadulterated ambedkarite constitution despite this painstakingly prepared draft on fundamental rights being presented to the sub-committee, the draft that formed the basis for their discussion was an alternative draft prepared by k.m. munshi and worked on further by b.n. rau. only two items in ambedkar's draft were discussed. his suggestion to abolish any privilege or disability arising out of birth, rank, etc. was accepted. also accepted was another suggestion that untouchability should be abolished and discrimination against any person with regard to the use of wells and tanks be outlawed.



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