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aryans and non aryans

aryans and non aryans

a friend commented "fact remains that hanuman was not aryan and all non aryans are either dalit or adiwasi".

i do not know where to start my comments. those who believe in aryan original residence outside india have repeatedly stressed the point that the aryan raiders drove out the dravidian people and they became confined to southern part of india. and now this statement that all non aryans are either dalit or adivasis.. now the fact remains that there are dalits all over the country, north, south, east, west. saying that only non aryans are dalit then what about those residing in north. it contradicts the theory that non aryans were driven out of north. they have to make up their mind. one of these statements is not true. either all were not driven out and so remained in the north or the aryans can also be dalit or adivasis.

now about the adivasis. the adivasis of the north, east and central india (ao, tangkhul, ho, munda, mundari, santhals et al) are of different racial stock than those in the south which have very few tribes as compared to central and eastern parts. were they also non aryans but of different race and driven away by aryans. it is true that as agriculture expanded and more and more of land was brought under cultivation, the adivasis retreated to the mountainous regions or dense jungles. this isolation continued for centuries. even in the south, the same position obtains. so it is not a racial problem (assuming for the time being the theory about aryan invasion). there are tribes in south india also. five such tribes, each from a state of southern india: kurumba tribe, nilgiris, tamil nadu; halakki tribe, karnataka; koya tribe, andhra pradesh. chenchu tribe, telangana; gowda tribe, goa. were they pushed into mountains and forests by the aryans or the non aryans and did they belong to the same stock or were even more indigenous than the so called non aryans pushed into south by the aryans.

and what about the non brahmin population of south india (assuming brahmin population were brought in by aryans at a later date). are they non aryans but then they are not all dalit or tribals. they would be first to reject the thesis that they are dalit.

thus the statement that all non aryans are either dalit or adiwasis is patently wrong and merely the outpour of a mind which swears by anti brahminism and, by implication, anti so called dvij varga, ignoring all the facts which stare in their face.

the case about original home of aryans(sic) will be taken up separately.

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