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abuse time

alice in wonderland

mad hatter tea party

abuse time


alice, advised by the cheshire cat wandered in the direction suggested by her and presently came to a white building. number of persons were standing a little away from the door, all silent. but no one was at the door. not finding anyone whom she could ask, what building it was, she went in. wandering around the almost empty building, she came to a big conference room in which a number of parsons were sitting around a round table. no one noticed her coming and after she had waited for some time, she drew up a chair and sat down.

·        have some tea – said someone.

alice looked around but did not see any tea on the table.

·        can't see any tea. 

·        there is not any.

·        then why ask me. it is not polite to ask somebody to take tea when there is not any.

·        it is not polite to sit down without being invited.

·        there were so many seats vacant, so I thought i might as well sit down. but why are so many seats vacant.

·        some persons are waiting to decide whether to sit or keep standing at the door. .

a bearded person in his fifties shifted in his seat and said

·        come, let us not waste time in useless banter. it is abuse time.

·        you mean amuse time, i think. you have won.

·        not amuse, abuse,

·        but why in this abuse time?

·        every time is abuse time.

·        but the elections are over. you can rest for five years.

·        what nonsense! there can be no rest. abuse, abuse, abuse, that is what life is for.

·        just one point. if you had 295 as you said, you will have, would it still be abuse time.

·        of course, they had ten years, we would need fifteen years to exhaust abuse time.

·        even if you were in government.

·        what has that got to do with abuse. abuse is all prevalent, all inclusive, full time job.

·        what about administration.

·        the gods are there to look after that. we have no time left after abuse time.

·        one more question.

·        no, no more question. you are disturbing us. we are losing abuse time. come on guys, let us get on. what subject we choose to abuse.

·        nat, neet, pro tem speaker, seating arrangement, shifting of statue. or choose any that comes to your mind.

·        here, brief me about how to abuse.

·        sorry, we think you are now much more experienced in abusing than we are. you have done nothing else for the last ten years while we had to look after party, party funds, party workers, party transport, arranging audience for you, arranging press coverage for you, arranging bots to spread your abuses. and much more,  but pray, continue, not that you need any encouragement for that.

so he started.

and others joined.

no one was paying attention to alice now and she got up to go.

no one stopped her. no one noticed her departure. they were all busy abusing.

it was abuse time.



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