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why satyagrah is all wrong

why satyagrah is all wrong

i came across this while reading a book 'my god is a woman' by noor zaheer (p144). this is spoken by a character.

"because satyagrah is all wrong, right form its inception. that is why the freedom we have got has taken away a chunk of our country. it worked because gandhiji understood that basically we are a lazy people, who would never be able to pick up guns and drive away the british. the least we could do was loll outside the government offices. it worked because englishman hates mess and that is what we were creating. he left because he could not stand the mess anymore."

i, personally, do not agree with all this. but in a way it explains why we are able to employ the same weapon against the misdeed of the government of the day. but it does not work any longer. the fact is that indians in command are used to the mess and creating more does not effect the present government in the same way.

i would not call ourselves merely lazy. we are also cowards. that is why a few hundred policemen can get the ram lila ground cleared in no time. look at the egyptians. how many were killed and yet the crowd only swelled. it takes guts to change the system and we have not got them. i recall jalianwala massacre. the crowd was 10000 strong. the soldiers were 50. there was only one exit. instead of running to and fro to avoid bullets, if the crowd had rushed towards the soldiers who were firing, they would have overwhelmed them. in fact if some one would have been to snatch a rufle and turned it around, the tragedy would have been over in a shorter time and definitely with lesser number of casualties.

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