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the sequel

the sequel

(i had written astory sometime back about a girl from a rich family, say a billionaire family, fall for an intelligent, good looking boy from a lower middle class family. the father offered the boy a blank cheque for abandoning his venture. the young man settled for five crores. he invested it wisely and was soon able to report back to the father asking his permission to see his daughter, as he was no longer poor but had a reasonably bright future ahead. the father said, "you have my permission and if she accepts you, my congratulations". )

here is the dialogue between father and daughter afterwards.

daughter – you permitted vinod to meet me.

father – i did

d – knowing full well that i was impressed by his personality and loved him. why?

f – because i know my daughter.

d – what if i had accepted him,

f – but you did not.

d – but how could you do it. you must have thought about it.

f – yes, i did. i knew that you would reason as well as i did.

d – and the reason.

f – he sold you for five crores. there is always a gap between acceptance and marriage. what if some one had offered a higher price, say ten or fifteen crores.

d – well.

f – you reasoned on the same lines. did you not?

d – no. i did not.

f – and what was your reason?

d – well, i thought he betrayed me once and he might betray me again.

f – which is the same thing though i was a little crude about the words i used.

d – but that was not the real reason.

f- what then?

d- the real reason is that i have fallen for another one.

f - oh my! another five crores gone.

d – no, not this time. he belongs to as rich a family as ours.


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