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the amendment that never was

the amendment that never was

the opposition leaders were quite right that if modi gets 400+ seats, this would be last election.

thank goodness that, by successfully hijacking the evm, he fell short of the target by 150 seats.

i have come across a proposed constitutional amendment, during my hallucination moments, in which detailed proposals to amend the constitution had been finalized at the highest level. this entailed that hitherto accepted method of elections would be substituted by a collegium system. the five seniormost ministers and the leader of opposition, if any, would, by a simple majority, decide on the members of the next lok sabha. the selection would be duly notified by the election commission. there will be no notes attached which would describe the merits or demerits of those selected.

it was interesting to note, while going through the noting on the file that the joint secretary had opined that the proposed amendment will have a smooth sailing in the supreme court. they cannot rule against the procedure because it would jeopardize their own collegium system which they would not like to do at any cost. this  opinion was seconded by the solicitor general .

efforts are now being made to search for the said file which has disappeared without leaving a trace in the parliamentary affairs ministry.


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