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thanks to NIC

 Thanks to NIC

In good old days you went to synods

To listen to the voice of the gods

The world makes progress, the times have changed

The gods, by computers, have been replaced

So it is the NIC that is the refuge of the atheists

Where Dr. Sheshagiri and his colleagues are the high priests

We learn the multi media and how to make the screen glow

Get introduced to 4GL and forget the languages low

Communication technology is the main theme of study

And what is better than IT for corporate strategy

Learn the graphics and the electronic mail

How does it matter if computers sometimes fail

Arise, awake and get on with the new times

Oracle - the powerful one - is the instrument prime

Will we all this new technology retain

What does it matter if we do not get to use it again

But thanks to NIC and GOI for this week

Let us have it more often, it changes the beat

(Delhi 23.4.1993

Thanks giving at the end of the week long IAS refresher course at NIC)

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