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some points worth pondering

some points worth pondering

praveen gedam reports "Today yet another Collector's face was blackened by a self declared leader. This won't even be a news item in Maharashtra in tomorrow's newspapers. And this is not an incident even worth a strip on Marathi news channels either. I could count 8 such instances of physical assaults or blackening of IAS offrs alone in last few years. And couldn't count innumerable instances of gheraos or verbal abuses and humiliations. And am not expecting any reaction also except customary petition and half day pen down strike by staff of same collectorate...." why this conspiracy of silence?

with the supreme court giving a free hand to cbi to proceed as it please without bothering about the permission from government coupled with the decision that a person can be prosecuted even if the decision is taken in good faith but which may produce results not liked by the policeman. i think we are fast approaching a total state of anarchy. how will the decisions be taken and progress made? we have to wait for ok from the policeman and the court before we proceed.

one thing i have not been able to understand why the name of the rape victim is so sancrosanct that we have to enact a law to protect it. it appeals to reason that the victim should not be named since it will prevent her humiliation in society. but when the victim dies, like in dec 16 case, how does it help. she is beyond humiliation by society. similarly if the victim is activist and willing to have her name disclosed, why should there be penalty. in the goa case (re tejpal) the victim can and is easily identified, so why this hue and cry about disclosure of name on the facebook. i recall that geeta chopra and her brother were kidnapped. she wa s raped and killed. brother was also killed. we have instituted bravery awards in their names, not kept them secret. why this change now.

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