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reform reform reform

reform reform reform

i notice that everybody is very aggressive about reforming hindu religion. from the highest court to the lowest denomination is keen on reforming hindu religion. intellectuals, atheists, women groups, dalit activists, the communists, the socialists, name any one and he or she  is keen on reforming hinduism.

why is this so?

the answer is simple. hindu religion allows reform.

there is no stipulation that this or that book, this or that prophet has laid down the laws and the rules and no one can change them. we accept change. we accept modification. we have been changing all the time. we have been discussing  religion all the time. there is no shame in that. no one has claimed to have started hinduism. even lord krishna says – ’this knowledge was given in the previous times, but it got lost, and i am restating it’. and in the end he says – ’i have given you this knowledge. now do as it pleases you’. no compulsion. believe what you want to believe. budhha says in the end ’aapo deepo bhava’. be your own light. walk by it. do not be influenced by me.

the short statement is. hinduism is liberal. it is free for all. it is total azadi. and so all go for it.

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