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PEB interviews - some comments

PEB interviews - some comments

King Lear had daughters three, all in their prime

Away they went with husbands, each in her time

Once the King was sitting alone and utterly sad

When the daughters were here, they made me glad

Minister suggested calling them all to a celebration

Post haste they came when they got the invitation

For their entertainment King called many performers

It was free mixing for all and they were all charmers

The daughters saw the actors in action as they chatted

Some of them were dull and smart ones could be patted

They talked to them, asked them all sorts of questions

Some replied demurely and others were all aggression

but all activities come to an end and so did this one

the king invited guests to partake some refreshment

The tables were laid and the food was piled thereon

Every one made beeline for it and had their luncheon

But Time is a healer prime as also the cruellest knife

All good things must come to an end is the way of life

The feast was over, King had questions as was his wont

What did you like best, my daughters, while you lived on

Eldest was praise for the opportunity to mix with new generation

Next was glad to get the information in answer to her questions

The youngest answered meekly O Father, all went well

But I was impressed that the food here was really swell

On one single point, all the daughters were of same view

Call us again Father as soon as you get some actors new.

(A poem written for the farewell and debriefing session of the MBA admissions group discussions and interviews held from March 8 to 18, 1999. The actors were the interviewees and the daughters - the experts i.e. us. sumptuous lunch, hosted by PEB  was part of the job)

March 18,1999

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