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muslim view of education

liaquat ali khan (first prime minister of pakistan) views on education

"The two basic principles of the scheme (Wardha scheme of education) - the doctrine of Ahimsa (non vloence) and the ideal of territorial nationalism of Akhand Bharat variety militate against the cardinal beliefs of Muslims. They reject the doctrine of Ahimsa, for their faith enjoins upon them the duty of fighting in the cause of righteousness and against evil when and wherever necessary. The insistence on Ahimsa is only meant to root out from the Muslims youths their martial spirit and traditions.

Similarly the principle of territorial nationalism is opposed to the Muslim view of nationalism which is based on a philosophy of society and outlook on life rather than allegiance to a piece of territory. The emphasis laid on nationalism in the scheme is calculated to destroy the distinctive identity of Muslims and to merge them into the nationalism of the Hindu majority. (pp271-72, Liaquat Ali Khan - from the presidential address at All India Muslim Educational Conference December 1945)


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