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It was a nice fine invigorating session

Every one was keen to put at least one question

Of IAS, they had heard a whole lot

And now they wanted to have heart to heart talk

How is IAS geared to face the worsening situation

Can they save the country or at least the administrtion

21st century we all keep talking about

But can we reach it with our present crowd

The politicians keep on interfering in the game

Is this not a matter of great shame

How do members of service feel about the slide

Don't you think the politicians are taking copuntry for a ride

Curiosty there was aplenty and also biting doubt

But courtsey still ruled the roost and the crowd

What reply the members could give to these

How many secrets of the trade could they reveal

It would be probably be the real story of decandence

Which may prove disastrous for the hopeful entrants

Yet they could not conceal totally the facts of life

Bureaucrats are feeling the impact of the strife

No longer it is secret that politicians are the lords

Though here and there the stragglers continue the war

In democracy people are always supreme

And it is assumed, representatives are the cream

They must rule the country the way they name

And if it is the way to ruin, that is part of the game

Corrective action can be taken only by the electorate

Throw overboard those who are rocking the boat

The problems are created by voters' mistakes

And consequences also they have to take

Bureaucracy is an instrument not the State

They can not be of help in the ultimate

So do not ask the bureaucracy if they can do anything

Get up, gird up your loins and do some thing

You must help yourself if you want bad things to cease

And that is something which is very hard to believe

For by nature we are lazy and will like to blame

All others for all the ills we ever have to face

But facts are facts and do not change

However we may wish so or pray for the same.

(Jamshedpur, 13.8.86 had an interaction with the students of XLRI. This is a report on the discussions.)


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