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history – simply told

history – simply told by a leftist historian.


two brothers founded a kingdom called vijanagara. the only activity of these sanghi brothers was to harass the nearby kingdoms merely because they were ruled by other community. the pinpricks continued for a long time till the five kingdoms got together and that was the end of the vijaynagar kingdom.

two gujratis came to power in dilli. the only activity of these two sanghis was to harass other parties because they did not like them as they were favoured by other community. the pinpricks (through ed and cbi) continued for a long time till all parties got together and that, they thought, was the end of sanghi rulers.


babar was a warrior. he ruled in cenral asia which had widespread plains. he enjoyed it but his enemies did not. he was thrown out. wandering he found kabul to be a ripe fruit and he picked it up. but soon he got tired of the hills all around it and longed for plains. india beckoned him. so he came here and defeated the king of dilli and ascended the throne. he was challenged by a rajput king who thought they were closer to dilli than the aggressor from kabul. the forces met and babar was about to be defeated. he, however, suddenly remembered that his religion had banned liquor. so he broke his pitcher of liquor. his soldiers did likewise. it made the battle ground slushy and rajput horses slipped and so did their riders. babar won. babar got the plains he longed for but it was too hot. so he went back to kabul to be buried there. his son hamayun followed him but lost his way and ended up in iran. the king there liked him especially because he changed his beliefs. the king helped hamayun get dilli back. but the heat played spoils again and he fell from his horse and died. the only thing he left behind was his tomb, a nice picnic spot in dilli.

(to be continued)


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देर आये दुरुस्त आये जब मैं ने बी ए सैक्ण्ड डिविज़न में पास कर ली तो नौकरी के लिये घूमने लगा। नौकरी तो नहीं मिली पर छोकरी मिल गई। हुआ ऐसे कि उन दिनों नौकरी के लिये एम्पलायमैण्ट एक्सचेंज में नाम रजिस्टर


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