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global society 

global society 

can there be a global society? a society is formed if the members of the society have a common goal, common values, or at least tolerance of divergence of opinion. there has been speculation about a global government which, consistent with internal autonomy, will govern the relations between nations. in any such society all the participants should work together to achieve certain ends. but in order to be basis of being a global society, it cannot be just a matter of adjustment between the national governments. it must extend to the public at large.

but it is recognized on all hands that such a society is a mirage. terrorists in many nations have seen to it that the national defenses are strengthened rather than weakened to allow free flow of men, goods and technology. thanks to these non state actors, the world cannot be divided into areas of peace and areas of turmoil. it is a matter of concern that millions of people cheered the acts of terrorism. on a global scale, common values are lacking. the talibans of afghanistan do not want to emulate the western social norms. they reject such idea of plurist democracy.

this situation is bound to continue since some religions believe that they alone have the revealed truth based on a book. this claim of exclusive access to ultimate truth means that they appeal for authority not to human experience, science, or public opinion, instead they believe that they draw authority from divine sources and liberal democracy has no meaning for them. judaism. christanity and islam are all subject to such interpretations. their self proclaimed goal is to liberate (sic) all the people for them to dwell in the kingdom of God.

thus while there may be areas of mutual cooperation amongst states (one can cite the example of european union) but it will be mainly a government to government approach. nevertheless a large chunk will be outside the global society who will be anti-thetical to other part. force will continue to be concentrated in the hands of the government but also sometimes in the hands of the small groups, even if they do not control large contiguous territory, who do not play by the rules.

does it follow that only the religions born in india would be ultimate saviours of the world and pave the way for the global society.

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