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a bedtime story

a bed time story

a friend opined that telling the children fairy stories and stories about jinns etc. is wrong. the constitution enjoins that we should have scientific temper and these stories generate wrong notions.

quite right. so i thought of a bedtime story which would further scientific temper. here it is –

once upon a time there was a small family which was called hydrogen. it had only two members named proton and electron. it should have been a happy family but t was not. the two members were of opposite temperament. while proton was positive, electron was negative. proton tried to attract the electron but electron was a shifty character. it never was found at a predetermined place. whenever proton tried to fix its position, it changed it. in fact electron kept on jumping from one orbit to another so there was uncertainty where it would be. proton tried to figure it out but the uncertainty principle stood in the way.

it was also the fate of another similar family whose members, incidentally, had the same name and the two members had the same temperament like the first family. now it so chanced that the two families came to be in the same vicinity. proton of one liked the proton of other and, surprisingly, electron, though they were negative, also followed. the two families became one and the joint family was called helium.

as they say unity is strength and the result of this fusion of the families was that so much energy was generated that the sun broke up. many pieces of it were scattered over the space. but unlike the hydrogen family where the members were antagonistic, the pieces of sun still attracted each other and the sun also attracted them. they could not come together being at great distance but they kept revolving around the sun, which they considered their father. in course of time, these pieces had their own families. but there was never any uncertainty about the location of these pieces, unlike electron of hydrogen family which was never in a predictable place.

it would be in order to say that this family of sun continued to live happily ever after.


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