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the israeli racism

the israeli racism

here is a piece which i came across while surfing the web. shows how democratic is the israeli government which is favourite of europe and america who are going all out to condemn syria and iran. "through racist laws and the demolition of their homes, the confiscation of their land and looting, the arabs of israel have seen their overwhelming majority ownership of the land pre-1948 reduced to just 2.5%, even though they make up more than 20% of israel's population. this is not an accident, but a planned programme by successive israeli governments, with several goals: forcing arab citizens who hold israeli citizenship to migrate and leave and, in the process, stirring up jewish israeli public opinion against their arab compatriots by calling them "enemies" and "traitors" who are "working to undermine the zionist project". a survey by prof. sami smooha of the university of haifa of israeli looking at relations and coexistence between jews and arabs was published by ha'aretz newspaper in may 2010 and presented to the knesset within the context of the deterioration of such relations over the past decade. the poll revealed that 48% of israel's arab citizens are dissatisfied with their lives in the jewish state, compared to 35% in 2003; the number of arabs who are not willing to befriend jews has doubled and, perhaps most seriously, 62% of israeli arabs fear "transfer" (forced migration or, as it has been called, "ethnic cleansing"), compared to just 6% who expressed that fear in 2003. it is also noted that 40% of the respondents expressed their distrust of israel's judiciary system while almost 41% supported an arab boycott of knesset elections. in terms of demography, 58% of jewish respondents said that they fear the threat of the demographic situation changing in favour of arabs, due to the higher birth rate of the latter, at three children per family compared with 2.1 among jews".

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