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essay on road safety

Updated: May 31

a 300 words essay on road safety

(written by a juvenile who killed two persons in car accident after getting bail on the condition of writing this essay on road safety)

road safety is an important subject. it should not be taken lightly. in fact if there are lights on the road, it will ensure road safety. one should be able to see the road. the laws should be framed in such a way that they take care of every possibility. it cannot be left to the public. governments must do it, otherwise for every accident the government should be held responsible. after all the people pay taxes and it is for the road safety. if that is not done, the governments have no reason to be there.

even if there are lights, accidents will happen because people use the roads. it should be mandated that roads are not used by people. accidents happen only when the roads are used and that should be prohibited.

another factor in road safety is that the roads are not wide enough. if the driver loses control, the roads should be wide enough to take care of the situation. no construction of buildings should be allowed on the side of the roads. these are meant for driving and any buildings nearby hinder the freedom of the driver to drive. this freedom is expressly guaranteed  by the constitution. the supreme court and all other high courts have always upheld action which is in accordance with constitution. it is our sacred duty to observe the provisions of the constitution which, though fathered by ambedkar, has been given by the people to the people like me and all others like me.   

in the end, to finish this essay of three hundred words, written as directed by the court, the judge must be complimented for ordering this essay. similar consideration should be shown if there is death due to shooting by an unlicensed gun. an essay on gun safety will immensely help the public.

it must be stressed again that road safety is very very important. if this essay has exceeded the limit of three hundred words, this should be pardoned because of the importance of road safety.


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