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is it the end

recently sri lanka condemned the demand for punishment of those who committed atrocities on tamils during the anti ltte war. 

this takes me back tp my comments which i wrote when prabhakaran was killed and the war won. here are the comments.

LTTE defeated. What next? 

 So the war in Sri Lanka is over. The Indian newspapers have heaved a sigh of relief. Why is this so? How were they concerned. It was an internal matter of another country. Or so they said all the time. 

But why this relief then? 

 The reason is simple. We have the horror of war or fighting or a battle. But we are good in pontification. We can now fill up our pages with reams of advice on how to go about peace. How to arrive at a political solution for the problem. It is no longer an internal matter. 

After all we are the self proclaimed peace heralders of the world. Whether it is palestine or Fiji or Bosnia, we are all for peace and political solutions. Nearer home, we are all for political solution of naxalite problem while they can go on killing policemen and others. But we kill them only in fake encounters. So there must be negotiations. 

 In all this, do we remember why the Tamils or LTTE, as the newspapers will like to separate the two, all in the interest of political solution, had to go to war. It was treatment of Tamils as the second rate citizens, unwanted citizens which made them take up arms. Is there any reason to believe that things would be different now. Even during the last six months, there have been repeated instances of human rights violation. Did Sri Lanka bother? They ignored every one and went on with their shelling of civilian areas, including hospitals. After all those dying were Tamils. It did not matter. So to all intent and purpose this human rights violation will go on. Now Sri Lanka government does not have to bother about LTTE, not that they did earlier in areas under their control, But there will be another Prabhakaran. He fought well for 26 years. But the war is not over. It can not be.

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