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Hindu Rate of Growth

Hindu Rate of Growth

An article "the tragicomedy of the '80's" by Dhiraj Nayyar was published by Indian Express in its edition dated July 30, 2010. He has brought in a totally irrelevant and illogical phrase in the article viz. "India was still in its 'Hindu rate of growth' phase. Mind you, the article was not about economics or the planning process. It was titled "The tragicomedy of the ’80s" and extolled the merits of a film "Jane Bhi do Yaro". So where did the 'Hindu rate of growth' come in.

Your guess is as good as mine. But to my mind, it shows the way our so called intellectuals, in season and out of season, try to condemn Hinduism. Any opportunity is good enough. And if there is no opportunity, you create one. In this article, even that fig leaf is dropped. The phrase just pops up. It is well known that India in the eighties was following the Nehruvian model of growth which was based on the Soviet Union pattern. It was inspired by the teaching of Marx and advocated the capture of all industry by the Government. Though some private enterprise was allowed, it was at the sufferance of the government. It was truly a permit, quota license Raj. What was Hindu about it. In which period of history, Hinduism suppressed private initiative in business. Of course, the planning process did not produce the desired results. Whatever be the reason, it was not because of the Hindu way of life. So why should the low rate of progress be called 'Hindu Rate of Growth'.

The process of so called socialistic pattern of development was intensified by Indira Gandhi who wanted to score some brownie points over her rivals in the party. It was as far removed from the Hindu way of life as possibly could be. The Hindu way of life was urged by Mahatma Gandhi but flatly rejected by Nehru and his successors. Gandhi had urged for a village based and a self generating model of growth which was rejected in favour of rapid industrialization. This model resulted in the stunted growth of the economy and led to repeated crisis. To call it :Hindu rate of growth: is only trying to denigrate Hindu way of life and should be condemned.

It is not known who invented this phrase but most likely, he was a western economist. In their eyes, not withstanding persistent efforts by the pseudo secular and so called progressives to distance them from it, India is the land of Hindus. The scholar probably wanted to describe it as the Indian Rate of Growth but used the other equivalent world Hindu.

Unfortunately the pseudo seculars and the so called progressives thought it a good stick to beat the Hindu way of life and began using the term as a derogatory reference to our rate of growth. The self condemnatory mental make up of these persons is more to be pitied than to be censured.

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