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a man called ove

a man called ove

read a book "a man called ove" by fredrik backman (publisher hodder & stroughton). originally written in swedish, it has been translated into english. it is a beautiful novel about a person named ove (as the title itself suggests). there are 39 episodes and an epilogue.

episode 7 ends wit following words

" goes into the hall and puts on his suit jacket. feels in his pocket for the envelope. he has turned out all the lights. washed his coffee mug. put sup a hook in his living room. he is done.

he takes down the rope from the cloth hanger in the hall. gently, with the back of his hand he

caresses her coats one last time. then he goes into the living room. ties a noose

in the rope, threads it through the hook. climbs up on the stool. puts his

head in the noose.

kicks the stool away.

closes his eyes and feels

the noose closing round his throat like the jaws of a large wild animal".

what happens thereafter is something to be savored. (remember, it is episode 7 of 39 in the book).


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