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three idiots - some doubts

three idiots - some doubts

ght have seen this movie. I would like to get answers to four questions from you, if you can provide them.

1. Hero is against mugging up and believes in saying the things in simple language. Yet he stands first in the class when the examination is based on the 'mugging up' principle. They did not relax the rules for him or the anti hero (one who believed in only mugging saying blatkar for chamatkar) would not have stood second.

2. The Hero stand first but his disciples came out first and second from the bottom. Why, following their leader, could they not score as well? We are told that Hero was being expelled from class after class and spent most of his time out of them than inside them. Was he cheating on his friends by mugging up the text when the others were in the class room and thereafter preventing them from doing the same through his pranks.

3. Viru Sahastrebudhe was very concerned with welfare of friends of the Hero and advised them and their parents about the pitfall of being friends with the Hero even changing their room. He was also well aware of the financial position of the parents of the three idiots (which I have not seen even in a considerate Director of an educational institution). But he was heartless to brutally tell the father of one of his students that his son is going to fail even before the examination or the expiry of date of submission of project.

4. A minor point. How was it that the three hungry idiots, had enough money to hire clothes for gatecrashing into a marriage party (I do not think they purchased them) but could not utilize this money to satisfy their hunger?

5. Another minor point. Viru sahastraudhhe had told the the friends of the Hero about the financial situation of his father. Yet they failed to tell the challenger .

6. the hero, on the first day of his in the college, used the property of urine being good conductor of electricity to thwart ragging. at the fag end of the movie, his students use the same property to humiliate anti hero. was this the favourite topic of the hero which he taught his students.

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