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the farm laws - in verse

the farm laws

it happened sitting idle on a rainy day

with not a single meeting in the way

the memory of a saying long ago said

came into mind and started a thread

how the income of farmers be doubled

so they will feel a little less troubled

the government can increase the msp

but it will only burden the treasury

already the money is flowing out so fast

the need of infrastructure is so vast

let the free market take some burden

before the situation becomes fearsome

so it was then decided to open the door

so individuals could buy crops some more

but what will they do with all the grain

if it just rots in their godowns again

just as it does with the food corporation

so we need to liberalise transportation

let the foodgrains flow to other states

and the traders will have roaring trade

but a consideration came in the way

the market has its swing and sway

the traders cannot live from day to day

they must have some surety of play

to plan ahead they should be sure

they can buy crop when it matures

contract farming was the answer

for the crops they could sponsor

when once the decisions were taken

to implement them, there be no hesitation

the session of parliament is far away

and disruption will then be every day

so we will take the ordinance route

it has been done before no doubt

in due course of time it came to pass

the parliament turned them into laws

but it hurt the vested interest so much

as if midas the king had lost golden touch

the money was coming to the coffers

but new measures will put a stopper

dismayed they held confabulations

have to somehow start agitations

the point was what form should it take

when their very dominance was at stake

they knew that government is not weak

in a hurry they are not going to squeak

it will have to be a long drawn affair

so what to do and how and where

and it needs funds to have agitation

it might be necessary to have litigation

where is the money, they were clueless

they can pool resources but not too much

money matters, cannot be just thrown away

the success surely was not a matter of days

but then help came from sources from afar

they could afford it to further their war

enemy of enemy is friend was their slogan

and finances were not to be mere token

they had their own grievances galore

the government steps had hurt them more

the permanent enemy saw its chance now

activated its sleeping cells and let them crow

money supply assured they drew up the stand

selected the personnel who had time in hand

what form protest should take was the subject

processions were just periodical had no impact

some thought about how old ones did fight

they surrendered the forts and cut their lines

this was the very best way they thought

no violence would give sympathy they sought

no dearth of personnel who had leisure

could afford to be idle while others toiled

north and west their problem was least

who would block the south and the east

looked around and found some leaders

who had their own monopoly in danger

the east was secured but south was worry

no one would come forward in a hurry

time was running out and sooner the better

they stated pitching tents where it mattered

dilli was surrounded, roads were blocked

citizens were troubled but they just watched

the wise supreme court also took a hand

asked agitationists to come and explain stand

but they were wary, they had no arguments

except that the laws hurt their sentiments

propaganda was their only point strong

repeat your views till they becomes a song

corporates would take away their crops

nothing can be done to make them stop

later the lands will also go in their hand

they will be labour, where will they stand

all that was said in speeches again and again

but would not come to court to explain

the court suspended the laws operation

hoping for the agitationists cooperation

their effort was once again in doubt

they appointed a panel as a way out

still the agitationists held themselves aloof

cause against laws they had no proof

they were hoping for some sign of weakness

government just remained moot and speech less

minister called them for round after around

still born as there was no common ground

the agitationists were cut up and desparate

they created disturbances but it went waste

they hoped for lathi charge and worse

but government would not even budge

it went on and on with no end in sight

who knew who was wrong and who right

till the elections were round the corner

agitationists took it as point in their favour

as days passed the protests took back stand

change the government was now the demand

and then suddenly prime minister sprang a surprise

the laws would be withdrawn, and let them demise

the agitationists were floundered by this move

still tried to continue the agitation as before

we do not believe in sayings of modi, they said

parliament was supreme which was still ahead

the parliament could not say no to let them go

the fig leaf was also gone , no more show

tried to change the demands and add some more

legalise msp was the cry taken up on the floor

but the spirit was gone from the movement

so they returned home after time well spent

the end of the show bred some resentment

they had a merry time while sitting in tents

with free money and good food coming their way

they were sorry that it had to end this way

back in their villages with nothing else to do

only exchanging the tales about their bravado

kakku kavi thought it was the best way to narrate

the laws and the agitation lasting so many days

the memory of the agitation will just fade away

else be forgotten in a matter of weeks if not days

(january 5, 2021)


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