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what is the future of congress

what is the future of congress

congress suffered a humiliating defeat in the recent election forfeiting even the right to have its leader recognized as leader of opposition. normally in such a case the top leaders quit so that rank and file can choose another set to rejuvenate the party. but the top leaders refuse to quit and the second rung leaders, long used to play the second fiddle, have no courage to raise voice against the top leaders. the former prime minister, seeing that future holds nothing for him, announced his retirement before the contest. normally he should have taken sanyas after the debacle quitting the rajya sabha post also. but he did not get such orders and is therefore not doing anything about it.

it is quite clear that there can be no rejuvenation without change of entire set up. cosmetics will not do. primaries here or there do not mean internal democracy especially when the dice is loaded. but the lower rank and file, who have no voice at present do not see any future in the party as it exists. unlike the previous time, the new order is not going to fight amongst themselves and hand over power back to the old lot. and then on the previous occasion, a part of the country was still loyal and could be built upon. presently there is resentment at the lower levels which is unexpressed. the history shows that finally it has to find a voice. i can foresee a parallel system coming up which will, almost overnight, gather strength and topple the top leaders. a parallel can be seen in tunisia and egypt. suddenly the silent majority, without a leader, without any coordinating agency, arose and swept away the old order. whether likewise (as in egypt), it will see rise of another dictator is another matter. it happens and has happened many times. about french they say, they toppled king but found napoleon as the emperor. forty years later they again tried but napoleon 3 again came up. but it is certain that the number of days for the present leadership is numbered despite their financial strength and apparent hold on establishment.

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