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well done delhi police

well done delhi police

there can be nothing better than midnight for all actions which are illegal. so while every one is sleeping, delhi police swung into action and got the ram lila maidan cleared. baba disappeared. now home secretary says he was not arrested or even detained. he must be a sleep walker. he just walked to safdarjung airport in his sleep, got into a special plane and went to dehradun. delhi heat became unbearable. or did he request delhi police for a lift. now the delhi police can file a case against him for stealing a special plane and forcing the pilot to fly it to dehradun.

and what happens to sibal now. he said that the government is working on a letter to be

sent to baba ramdev about accepting his demands. has he been able to complete his letter or did the delhi police pick him up when he was sleeping and bundled him off to some other hill station. home secretary has not made a statement about him. better do it soon.

sibal said a committee will be set up to draft a law for black money. what happens to that.

recall when chandershekhar was fasting for telengana. home minister called him and told him that his demand is accepted and asked him to come to delhi for talks. a committee (or was it a commission) was set up and after a reasonable time, gave a report listing the alternatives before the government. what a brilliant person. the people were simply unaware that there are alternatives. he is the fittest person for this committee. he can then , after a suitable time, list the various colours in which money comes and ask the government to choose one of them. the law can wait as long as telengana has done or even more.

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