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the walrus and the carpenter a new view

the walrus and the carpenter

(of alice in wonderland fame)

the duo of mother and the son

having their usual copter ride

chanced to see towards the earth

all barren and dry, a bad sight

they wept like anything to see

all this poverty of the land

if only this was done away with

mother said, it would be grand

if seven generations of nehru dynasty

rules for seven decades

do you think, the mother asked

this would make the country great

i doubt it, said the son melancholy

and shed a bitter tear

but poverty of our friends will go away

that i can always swear

o voters dear, come and vote for us

the mother did beseech

cheap wheat and also cheaper rice

we promise to give to each

but this time they had an opponent shrewd

he made full use of new techniques

went around the country entire

and let fly his blitzrieg

he told the voter again and again

time has come to talk of many things

whether capital can fly

and currency notes can have wings

the mature voters just looked at him

and never a word they said

we were decived once, they thought

and shook their heavy heads

but young voters, they turned up and voted

all eager for the treat

they danced their way to polling booth

and put the stamp on the sheet

so the leader won the day outright

sworn in at the right time

called his buddies to come together

and join for having good time

no sooner the call went, they were there

all of them had their own axe to grind

a little business, a huge profit

that was all they had on their mind

the prices shot up, the taxes were high

sensex went through the roof

which they said was sign of prosperity

and that was the final proof

he started new novel schemes galore

and some he gave new name

each step was marked with great fan fare

it was just like a game

the opponents were flabbergasted

did not know what to do

used their captive press and media

but could not break through

the leader spoke direct to masses

ha called it mann ki baat

and this brought him nearer to the public

he remained at the top of graph

the opponents took to slander and abuses

not a bit difference did it make

the question uppermost in all minds was

will 2019 be the same.

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