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Thanks giving speech Course A 2040

a  rather tongue in cheek thanksgiving. the participants understood the references but i hope that something will give an idea of the ILO training.

Thanks giving speech

Course A 2040

Gathered are we all, in this room

For the fattened lamb and a bit of food

This is the occassion for thanks and for good words

I venture to do so, with permission, in verse

There are many memories that we shall take

Who can forget the tough bread we could not break

Nor can we forget London's beautiful walks

As we followed Mr Piva round and round the blocks

I can see the face of the London bus driver, disbelief profound

When he could not see any school children around

And yet Mr Piva asked for tickets twenty two

Little did he know, he looked after us as mothers do

Not once but he counted us again and again

But for him, we could never have boarded the plane

Back in Torino can we forget the sole TV of antique brand

Or the radio, chained to wall, telling us news of homeland

We had newspapers plenty - three times a week

Of holiday trips we must most gratefully speak

The centre has kept up its traditions excellent

How does it matter if some found them inconvenient

Some bear the uncharitable thought, most undeserving

The centre kept our return tickets to prevent deserting

In fact splendid care the centre took as we went to study

Kept our tickets and our passports in safe custody

Lest we lose them as we go for smooth and rough

As children are bound to do when not careful enough

So far as the course is concerned what can I say

Every time the excellent masters had their way

Confused were we when we came from our travels

Confused we still are but at much higher levels

We came as trainees, became participants, then delegates

Without, of course, corresponding rise in per diem rates

But I must not forget the sincerity of the Course Director

Nor the single minded devotion of all the other actors

Last but not the least, we must recall arrangements of mess

Reminded every one daily that the home is the best

So let us carry the memories, bitter and sweet

Torino really turned out to be quite a treat

Thanks to all who made it so grand that we can say

Once in a life time is enough - if we have our way.

(Torino, December 3, 1989

After the farewell dinner, which, incidentally, was quite tasty, speeches were to be made. And I had prepared this one. But unfortunately the Chief Guest could not come and so they had to be abandoned. But the copies of the speech were distributed around.)

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