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it is intersting for those thinking of autonomy for CBI.

"indonesia's inspector general of police had just withstood eight hours of interrogation on the night of october 5, last year at the jakarta headquarters of indonesia's anti-corruption agency when a commotion erupted outside.

investigators from the corruption eradication commission, known by its indonesian initials kpk, had accused djoko susilo of amassing land, cars, mansions and stacks of cash. his arrest was an unprecedented strike against a police force with a long-held reputation for graft in a country routinely ranked as among the most corrupt in the world. the counter punch came swiftly. at about 9 p.m. that night, dozens of policemen descended upon the kpk headquarters with one demand: hand over novel baswedan, 36, the celebrated investigator who had led the interrogation of susilo.

but the police didn't reckon on a remarkable show of public support.

hundreds of protesters, lawyers, activists and journalists soon arrived to barricade the entrance of the kpk building, summoned by text messages from an anonymous kpk official. after a three-hour standoff, the police squadron left. nearly a year later, on september 3, 2013 susilo was sentenced to 10 years in prison and the state seized $10.4 million of his assets".

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