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an interview

i have always wnated to be a great newspaper correspondent, collecting news and interviewing people. it was not to be. but there is no reason why i cannot dream about it. so last night, i did. the result is here.

Interview with Sibal, Minister for so many things.

This interview did not happen - for obvious reasons - but read on

Media man (hereafter M) - Can I disturb you for a few minutes?

Sibal (hereafter S) - How can you? I am already quite disturbed with so many issues on my hand. The Anna Team, Baba Ramdev and now Digvijaya Singh. Still one cannot say no to media person. So?

M - Just wanted to know about the letter you were to send about black money.

S. What black money? It has already gone away with Baba Ramdev.

M. But he is still fasting and waiting for the letter which you said in the press conference on 4th June that you were working on.

S. In India, Planning Commission experts tell me that 28 % of Indians are fasting. That person, Amartya Sen, thinks the percentage is 82 but it is all inverted thing.One more does not matter.

M. But you did not have that view on 3rd or 4th of June.

S. Look here. He was occupying Ram Lila Ground and that disturbed us. It is so near. Lots of media men and media vehicles. All the TV channels showing Baba. One likes to see a lighter programme on TV, not sermonising, at least not all the day.

M. The Public are still worried and want to know what you are doing about the black money.

S. I have not seen it on any channel. There was Anna but he talked only about Lokpal, not about black money. No one in India is worried about it except for Ramdev, Probably he says this because he does not have it. Digvijay thinks he has, or at least, his doners have, or at least the media which was covering his fast had it.

M. What about the ministers and Congress men?

S. If they have it, they are not worried about it. Remember you said something about worrying. Public is not worried. Those who have it are not worried. They know they are safe. The others, who do not have it, are not worried because no Income Tax person is going to come inquiring about it. So nobody is worried. At least till such time that another person comes fasting in Ram Lila Ground. We would be worried then. We have reduced our worries by banning fasting near Jantar Mnatar and Ram Lila Ground. We may ban it in Rajghat also. It is becoming a nuisense.

M. Rajghat becoming nuisanse?

S. No, no. I do not mean that. How can it be nuisanse? Where will we go on 30th January and 2nd October if we consider it a nuisanse. But it is a place for remembering Gandhi and thanking him and his name sakes for all that they have done for us. It is a place for renunciation, not for fasting or demanding something from the Government.

M. So what are you planning to renounce on the next occasion you go to Rajghat.

S. (laughs) That is a good joke. I did not talk about our renunciation. I am talking about the public. We are, as Chidambaram said, elected representatives of Public. It does not apply to us. We are different. And that is what we want to prove through Lokpal Bill. Which reminds me that I must complete the draft before Anna and his friends change their mind about not attending the drafting committee. So Bye.

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