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advisors all

advisors all

PM says china has passed india in science. he said the share of research in science should be raised to 2 %.

it is not clear to whom is this advice given. it is noted that for various issues, such advice is regularly given and no one makes it clear to whom it is addressed. if t is meant for the department, why does the PMO not write to departments concerned to achieve the target. in advance and then the announcement can be that to achieve the aim of inceasing the share to 2 %, the government have taken the following steps.

otherwise it is just a formality and words are said because something has to be said.niether the finance department nor the concerned take notice of such pronouncements. i remember that the minister of culture made a statement at UNESCO conference for intangible assets (which includes languages) for promotion of laguages. in order to use the speech in my report (as national commissioner, minority languages) i met secretary culture to get a copy. this was not available nor could be made available, the secretary said that such things are spoken in routine and copies are not kept.

so much for the advice and the promise.


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